Merchants of Collectible and Sports Automobiles.

Merchants of Collectible and sports Automobiles.

About Us

We are passionate about cars. For over thirty years, we have been acquiring classic cars for our private collections. Today, we leverage that experience to assist our clients in sourcing vehicle classics for their own collections.

We care about cars that mean something to us– cars that were epoch-defining, that shaped their times, and that remain exciting today. We still acquire cars as if we were the final client. Some even end up in our own collections. When we present vehicles for sale, they always have to live up to our high personal standards.
Our team is attentive to the ownership and maintenance records of each vehicle, with experience and know-how in the Portuguese and international classic car markets. We have established relations with reliable sellers, both traders and artisans who restore and condition collectible automobiles. We are always on the lookout for that special car our clients seek, selected according to our high-quality criteria.
Cars with history


We are merchants of those collectible and sports cars that mean something to us. These are cars that were epoch-defining, cars that shaped their times and remain relevant today.

Here we will regularly present examples from our carefully curated selection of vehicles.
Please contact us if you want to learn more about our portfolio of available vehicles or if you want to enlist our help finding a particular car.

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If you want to sell your collectible automobile, please send us an email with the following information:
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